Reduce Dental Problems by 90%

Hanu Dent water flosser brings down dental problems up to 90% by directing a gentle yet powerful stream of water to wash away 100% of food remnants in the mouth.

Why Use Water Flosser?

Frequent Dental Problems even after Brushing?

Unlike traditional string floss and the tooth brush, the Hanu Dent water flosser gently cleans 100% food stuck between teeth & gums so that they never create any issues for you in future. The flosser removes 90% unsettled plaque from your teeth.

Food Stuck between Metallic Braces & Teeth?

Does food get stuck between metal parts of your braces? Do they remain even after brushing soon after eating? The Hanu Dent water flosser can wash away such food remnants easily with gentle and powerful jet of water.

Want to Reduce Dental Visits?

Use the Hanu Dent water flosser to proactively avoid dental issues. Remove 100% food stuck in between teeth and gums, particularly in hard-to-reach places easily so that bacteria can never act on it to create decay, bad breath or gum issues.

Why Hanu Dent Water Flosser?

Select from 4 Cleaning Modes

Hanu Dent Water Flosser offers 4 cleaning modes, allowing you to personalize your water flossing experience. This helps you adopt to your comfort level and specific cleaning needs.

Reaches all Corners of Mouth

The 360 rotating nozzle of the Hanu Dent water flosser reaches all corners of the mouth to give 100% all-round cleaning, pushing out all food remnants from your mouth.

No Frequent Refills Needed

The Hanu Dent water flosser has a large water tank
(230 ml) that holds ample amount of water, eliminating the need for frequent refills. Forget everything and focus on cleaning.

Saves Power & Water

Hanu Dent water flosser stops at 3 minutes of continued use, allowing you to easily switch sides or stop water or power wastage. It also helps in case there is accidental long power switch press.

Waterproof Body

Hanu Dent Water Flosser has a waterproof body that does not get damaged on water splashing. Feel free to use without fear of instrument failure upon getting wet.

60 Days Charge

The Hanu Dent water flosser can be used after charging depending on the frequency of usage. It can be used straight for close to 2 months after charging once.

Anti-Slip Body

Hanu Dent water flosser has an anti-slip body that is portable and can be used without any difficulties. Carry it with you without any trouble when travelling.

Easy to Clean

Water flossers should be easy to clean and maintain. The Hanu Dent water flosser parts can be easily rinsed and cleaned to ensure good oral hygiene.

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